Author of existence/Tell me more about myself/Do you beckon me to servitude/Or have you recorded my greater moments/What you remember is what man never can forget/Ensure that my name strides beside the most heroic of your soldiers
Author of my existence/I wish only to be remembered/You hold more power in your pen than the wilder of Excalibur/With one fine stroke of your ink-ed blade, you bleed on to the pages of eternity/All mortals will take cautious knee to what you say should be exalted

Author of existence/my lonesome friend, lend me an ear/I have one last thing to ask of you/Be kind to the weakest on our plane/ for they look to you for guidance/Give land to the landless/for their claims come from the heart of darkness/mend their wings that they may freely soar/through your skies in independence//


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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