The Creation of Time…maybe

What if one day Icarus took a giant bow and arrow and shot it up into the plain blue sky. Piercing it, creating day forever, a hole eternally looking into the world of our gods.

Can’t look direct at it

Put on some shades

Where’s the respect?

Never ending day, lasting way too long. Somebody call Icarus we need the night to come again. Plain Icarus thought long and hard about how to reverse the equation until suddenly it struck him

What you do on the left, you do on the right.

Plain Icarus sailed to the other side of the world with his giant bow and arrow. All in tow and then finally, land ho! Plain Icarus took aim with half the might of his power. He pierced the night sky with a much lighter intention. And lo and behold was born a moon.

But now Plain Icarus was faced with conundrum: How to take the moon to the land of his people? Once again he sat alone and thought long and hard, and along came a burnt old man much in the likeness of plain Icarus. The burnt old man explained how for years he had lived in the dark longing to see something different, then without much warning a giant bow flew and pierced through the sky. Icarus apologized, “It was I dear Sir whose misguided hands have ruined your solitude . Forgiveness, I beg.” “No bother,” the old man laughed. “It was about bloody time for a change!”

And Icarus astonished by the old man’s reaction carried on with his thinking for a solution. The old man asked him what gives and Icarus told all.  And the old man quickly changed his expression: “You want to take away this magnificent vision!?”

“I did this for my people”, Icarus tried to explain.

“Well, what about mine?” The old man retorted with true claim.

Their eyes locked on each other. The tension clear on each face. “Ahh”.. the old man sparked, “I have an idea. I could launch you into the hole with your giant bow and arrow and you could pull the sky around on a cyclic progression. For one period of time this sky will Grace the lands of mine people, and then for an equal period of time you drag it over to the land of yours!”

“Ohh, that won’t work,” Icarus groaned, “I don’t have the power to drag the sky.”

“You had enough power pierce through it twice. Young Icarus, we will never know until we try.”

So Plain Icarus mounted and lay on the arrow as the burnt old man loaded it into the bow. He pulled back with all the power of his age and asked if Icarus was ready. But before Icarus could reply, the old man lost his frail grip. And Plain Icarus soared through the length of the sky and smashed into the moon. It broke up into a smaller size and the shattered pieces diamond pieces filled the night sky. And the moon began to move, and Plain Icarus rejoiced, as he waved goodbye to the old man whose body was laid out on the beach. The burnt old man never moved again. When Icarus saw this he quieted his goodbye and he realized that he had just brought in the effects of time.

Through Icarus’ ambition was born the first act of crime. And for his sins, to the moon, Plain Icarus will eternally be confined.


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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