Bloodshed or blood shared

The problem is that their children are innocent of their fathers’ sins yet they eat from the well-springs of their misdeeds. They live in peace behind high walls that enclose stolen altars, short tables and gallons of wine. And if our own children inherit nothing, who shall they blame?
 Shall they blame their fathers for not claiming what belonged to them, but who can blame a man for not claiming the things which to him belong? Or shall they blame the fathers of the others for stealing their inheritance, but who can blame a businessman who sees opportunity where nations would sleep? Shall our children be doomed to reverse the folly of their fathers? Take away from their peers the gifts that their fathers gave to them? And when the others defend what’s theirs by right but not by birth, can anyone really blame them for they were born into stolen wealth? Our children outnumber theirs but their children out-maneouvre ours. Blood shed or blood shared? That is the decision that needs to be made by the children of the thieving fathers. Do they shed blood to protect their stolen kingdom? Or do they share the wealth with our children to repair the damage of blood spilled in excess? Blood shed or blood shared?


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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