A bridge to my island 

I’ve burnt every single bridge I ever tried to build/ alone stuck on an island condemned by all of my arson/ Ironic, that the one that feels the burn is always me/ it seems the bridges break before they even start to mean/ anything to the desired destination that they seek/

Longer and longer still go up in flames c’est last vie/ you’d swear it’s just a hobby for me cos i never learn/ the lessons stretching out to leave this vast expanse of land/ reminding all the seas below that we’re just dry as sand/ surrounding us from all sides making claims that we all safe/ but when the fire starts the reality is soon revealed/ burning piles of mortar martyred right above ocean/ without even a bucket to scoop and trigger our salvation/ another bridge is burnt without the slightest hesitation/ 

And very soon this island won’t be able to connect/ to any civilization promising escape from my prison/ island turns to raft slowly drifting the horizon/ very soon, like the Sun, the raft will slowly disappear//


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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