Passive Activism or Active Pacifism…

We live in an age where we have substituted activist for pacifist. Black pride lives no longer than a has-been reaction to an over the top flare up of honesty. Our pacifism turns into cyber activism as we spew revolution from a touch screen, tapping away at our frustrations as the black letters smudge the screen to our satisfaction. Self pacification.

Black wall street built and destroyed in less than a generation. We were happy just as long as Columbus gave us some sort of commendation. Suffice to say it is our blood that has built the longest lasting civilizations, it seems we are the only ones to keep our humanity on concrete foundation. Human to everyone but our own. Go out of our way to hide the fine China from rowdy family but when the pastor comes over, it’s woooh Lord. All wealth breaks loose.

We will go to great lengths to make sure the enemy thinks we are doing alright despite the bitter taste of their passive aggression. Instead of demanding our own table, we will make our children eat with the dogs and make our enemies feel at home in our dominion.

Activists have done away with traditional values of helping people by any means necessary. The remedy now is a quick and painless solution. Pacify the situation. Neutralize and sterilize the incumbent revolution. The number of likes you get is congruent with your level of validation.


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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