What was cooked first: the drumstick or the egg?

We saved you from yourselves. What did you expect after all the work we did? Did you think we we’re just going to pack up and leave? Leave all that hard work behind? You say you built this country but who provided the plans? The organization? The incentivization? We did. We taught you how to make the most of your land and now you would have us leave. Now that you’re civilized you want us to go? Give us our ships, money, contracts, title deeds and mirrors back and you have a deal. Every single one of you that has benefitted from our so called intrusion give back what you learned and the fruits thereof. It’s impossible you see. The land has already accepted us here, we would be rejected in our homes if we returned from whence we came. Let us rather live and let live. The way we see it it’s like the old chicken and egg argument. It doesn’t matter who was first, what matters is that on the breakfast plate there’s an egg and a drumstick.


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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