Trevor Hall – The Lion’s Mane

I woke up in the lion’s mane/Kissing silhouettes of mountains dancing in the moonlight/Am I awake or is this a dream?/Or am I awaking into a state of wakefulness buried deep in my deepest dreaming sleep?/You can almost guess what happened next/I swallowed an Apple seed and gave birth to Angel wings which lifted me to the top of this orange grove/Where I saw a man trying to count all the oranges/And all the trees/And all the leaves/Turns out this man was me

Losing count and starting over/Losing count and starting over/Chasing my own tail until I got dizzy and fell asleep in the clouds

I woke up in the lion’s mane/On a single lane rolled deep within God’s dreadlocks/Where I gave my banana to the blind man only to realize who was really blind/My eyes couldn’t decide/My eyes couldn’t divide/My eyes couldn’t see that this blind man was me/We then continued to a village of meeting rivers where mother earth washed me down and gave me a new sight where my soul was restored/And I could see all the gens hiding on the oceans floor/Well I dove in there/I actually did a cannonball/And swam deeper and deeper/As things got clearer and clearer/And when I saw the sharks I wasn’t afraid/For this time enshrined in my heart was the almighty’s name/I think my sanity has gone insane/I woke up in the lion’s mane//


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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