Remnant of a dream…


Wake up breathing that name clutching sheets as beads of sweat sprout from my temple, glide down my shoulder and swim down and meander through the ripple of my spine. Wash my face with sweaty hands clearing muddy dreams, trying to see exactly why your name brought me to life. 


Closed eyes reveal a golden sole greeting the ground, soiling the fortunes of brown sand, breathing a new fire called Destiny. Melt into the earth like kitsurukoi as clay finds new shape through brazen golden repair. Drifting in a river reaching forward towards the essence of a precious aura. 


Furrowed brow weighs heavy on mine eyes, forcing them shut while I try to see clearly where this sweet scent finds its root. Captive nasal cavity unable to tap into a frequency of apathy. Indifference refuses to become me. Attempts to deny are fruitless in this strange paradox that greets me. A clear resounding “No!” belched sharply from your mouth with the sparks of a simmering fire. Like a lovestruck explorer, no myth of the natives will keep me from my voyage. Destination: disaster. Falling towards surrender, head first plunging into my grave. Body jolts up and reminds me that it’s all just a dream.


Breathe your name again coming to terms with your lucid existence: memories fleeting away with tormenting gaze softening like fading petals of a fallen flower, lower than the Sun sets beyond the surface of the sea. Never look away. The Sun sets everyday. Everyday at the same time she will be gone again, yet this does not deter us. Looking at you risking blindness. You will leave and I will watch until you are gone and wait again for the dawn. And until the morning comes once more all thats keeps me sane is the carefree whisper of your name… 



Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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