KRS-One on Hidden Colours

“The ones who enslaved you are protecting your interests? That’s like a rapist keeping you in prison for ten years, raping you everyday for ten years. You insane wit’ it. Then the eleventh year he says, “I’ve reached an epiphany. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have did that. You’re free to go.” Now you free to go… Go where? Free? Your whole head is screwed up! Where you goin? That same person says, “Ok you can stay in one of my rooms… called Chicago… you can stay in one of my rooms called New York… one of my rooms called Philly. Just follow the rules there in Philly and you’ll be fine. I’m sorry for what I did. Here’s reparat… nah not even reparations. Here’s affirmative action. Here’s some justice in the court’s. Here’s a little money. Here’s a little economics. Here’s a little access to something. I’ll let you fight in our wars, and here’s a lil’ sum’n. But for the most part you on your own now. Do you.”Now here we are: crazy; deraaaanged; walkin’ around being raped for 300 years. Now you free and your head is going WOOOH! But here’s the point: you were God to begin with. This is what we forgot. This is what forgot. You were God to begin with! So you did get beat, raped, punched, lynched, burned, but what happened? You’re still here. And what is still here? Not the bodies that were burned. Not the hangings, the innocent victims, but the spirit that created those people. The force that animates us never died.”


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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