Recycle me

​I have been hurt many times by a woman

And yet it is not women that I fear when I walk through the city streets in the middle of the night to withdraw my money

It is not women that make my heart jump up and down as I wait for those notes to spit from the machine

It is men.

Men who look like me

Men who walk like me and talk like me and smell like me

It is my reflection that terrorises me in a land where I am supposedly free

And if I fear my own, what happens when a woman is in the same situation? 

A free woman in her own land cannot walk where she wants to when she wants to

Because, just like me

She fears becoming a victim to men who look like me

Can I blame her when she looks at me and feels that I resemble the men she fears?

I cannot.

For in truth

I fear them too.


Author: KatlegoChaleWrites

27, m, b

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