I am my entire inner circle

Full stop

Fools top the tip jar in a beerless bar 

Slaves to gravity

One way trip to Mars


Getting back onto your own path

At times it may seem like you’ve lost your way. This may not be the case. You might have just allowed yourself to stray onto the path of another. Or even allowed yourself to be pulled onto the path of another. However, all is not lost. There is a fundamental difference between a car driving down a path not knowing where the path  may lead and you walking your own path. The difference is an in built form of GPS, though you may get lost a couple of times. Your destination does not change despite the route you may take, and this is not an allusion to the state in which our lives end these days in terms of death as an eventuality. Rather, this is an indication of your ability to reroute and realign your steps to your destiny. Some detours seem like wonderful ideas until we encounter potholes that were not meant for the kind of tyres we’re running on. You may hit a giant ditch Every time you try to speed up and may not even realize that this is not through your own doing, it is just that you’ve veered off the path designed especially for you, thinking that a detour with a more experienced driver may lead to quicker results but soon realize that it doesn’t work this way. Like the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. The one part that is not mentioned is that together you may go far off in the wrong direction. You may do little and still find that you are so wrong that it hurts. In your unintended wake, you may leave behind corpses that were never meant for your eyes to behold nor your soul to encounter. That’s when you realize that you should’ve actually said “no” when the opportunity presented itself for you to take a quick detour. But don’t fret, we all have that built in GPS and though it may take us a bit longer, we will arrive at our destination. 

Maybe Jesus…

Maybe Jesus was the first surfer, and people thought he was walking on water. Or perhaps the first scientist to discover the formula to diffuse water to alcohol and the only thing comparable at the time was wine. Maybe he made gin, or a spirit like vodka and the only thing comparable to the time was wine. Maybe Jesus made the first distillery and brought his batch of white Jesus juice to the party. White as in alcoholic spirits white, not… well you get it. Perhaps he was the most progressive dude who ever lived but if he walked these streets today, the story may be a little different. He may invent the first flying car and people will say Jesus flew through the sky, much like he walked on water and turned water into wine.